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“Kotowaza” and “Kanyoku” are the ancient traditions in Japan, and people often see the Kotowaza/Kanyoku in the entrance examinations for the middle school. However, nowadays, even the adults misunderstand the meaning of the Kotowaza/Kanyoku, or use them in the wrong ways.

This website is for the elementary school students to get interested in Kotowaza/Kanyoku and understand the meaning correctly to be able to use them in the right ways. In this website, sixty Kotowa/Kanyoku, that are commonly asked in the middle school entrance examinations, are well explained with illustrations. Moreover, to make students undestand them better, there are also modern version of them which are more familiar with young people. In addition, there is a page telling the Kotowaza/Kanyoku that are frequently used in the wrong ways, illustraions with four panel comics and a page introducing the interesting and funny foreign Kotowaza/Kanyoku in this website.


旺文社『ポケ出る国語 慣用句・ことわざ』2009

齋藤孝『これでカンペキ!マンガでおぼえることわざ・慣用句 』岩崎書店・2013





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