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Baghdad is not that far away to meet a lover(Turkey)

To meet the lover, even if the people have to go to unfamiliar places in foreign countries, they won't find it far to go there. This shows that the power of love is very strong. Baghdad was flourished ancient city that used to be the capital of Abbasid Caliphate. It is now the capital of Iraq, but it is more than 1000km away from Ankara which is the capital of Turkey.

People cannot keep going outisde with love,being pregnant and camel secret(Syria)

People will someday find out the women were pregnant even if they were hiding about it. Even if the people wanted to go outside secretly, other people would notice them if they were on the camels. Falling in love is the same thing. this means people cannot hide the fact they are in love as other people will notice it by their behaviors. The word “camel” is used because most of the land in Syria is desert.

The taste of sesamesalt(South Korea)

Sesame and salt are good match, and sesamesalt (mixture of sesame and salt) is very delicious. Therefore, this means two things that are good match.
There is no banquet that does not end forever in this world(China)

A banquet that is full of joy will eventually ends at some time. During people's lives, not only enjoyable or painful things continue, but there is always an end to all the things.
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